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Health, Safety & Independence

A Proactive Approach to Care

Health, Safety & Independence

A Proactive Approach to Care
A Wider View

Safety Takes a Village

Safety for Seniors should be evaluated across every aspect of life

One of the most universal needs in life is to be safe. Safety can come in many forms and from many places. For some, safety is about comfort and peace of mind. For others, it is about stability and predictability. And for others it is about security and protection. There are several types of safety including physical, social, emotional, and protection from outside threat. At Cura, we strive to be aware of the particular safety needs of our clients.

Physical Safety

Physical safety is related to creating ease in moving about the home along with the ability to maintain flexibility and motor functions. A thoughtful home design will allow Seniors to move about without obstructions to walkways and allow for the facilitation of daily tasks. To ensure Senior safety, homes design, furniture and decor might have to be re-arranged to avoid dangerous situations. To enable a safe navigation throughout the home each room should be evaluated. New features like grab bars, non-skid surfaces, and well-placed shelving, can be added. In addition, changes in furniture placement, new storage options, and the replacement of the usual home accessories and tools might be required for safety. An example of this is replacing a typical kettle with an electric kettle or replacing glasses with safer plastic options. Physical safety is also improved through muscle strength and maintaining flexibility. Senior exercise is essential for this. Always consult with your doctor about which exercises work for your loved ones and make exercise a daily part of your routine. You can read more about the impact of falls in later years and how to avoid them here.

Social Safety

Social safety is about maintaining the social connections that can impact all other areas of life. Social safety helps you stay engaged with the most meaningful aspects of life and keeps you from dwelling on the unpredictable changes we all inevitably go through as we age. Social bonds give us comfort and help us understand that we are not going though most challenges alone. At Cura, we understand that maintaining social activities and relationships is vital to maintaining quality of life. We also pay close attention to caregiver matching that can foster trusted and predictable relationships with our clients.

Emotional Safety

Emotional safety is a huge part of feeling well. Our Caregivers are trained in active listening so that communication can foster emotional safety. At first, it can be stressful and uncomfortable to have a stranger come into your home, so we take the steps to make the transition to home care as smooth as possible. Emotional safety is fostered by making sure our clients feel heard and can count on a reliable schedule of care and communication. We also foster emotional safety through training our caregivers in a holistic approach to care.

Safety from Outside Threat

Home security is another contributor to feeling safe that is particularly important for seniors. This type of safety is assisted by modern technology. The ability to lock doors and windows while at the same time allow for easy operation when they need to be opened is a part of this. Door locks with digital interfaces and video are easy for seniors to use while increasing the level of security by tracking visitors on camera. Motion activated cameras and lighting can be installed both inside an outside of the home so both you and your seniors are aware of any unusual activity and can alert help in an instant. These systems can be supported by voice activated phone features allowing for hands-free emergency calling in a time of emergency. Outside threats can also include dangers in the built world. Poorly designed sidewalks, streetlights and street cleaning efforts where your senior lives can create hazards that you will want to minimize. Just being aware of outside threats is the first step to making the changes that will help your family feel at ease.

Home Safety Checklist

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“I have everything I want. I just want someone to be there for me, to make me feel safe and secure."

Princess Diana

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