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Senior Home Technology

Knowing which senior technology to add to your loved one’s life can be intimidating. There are plenty of options. However, when you choose the right senior home technology you can alleviate stress and anxiety while adding safety, security, and entertainment to a family member’s life.

If you are new to senior devices, don’t worry! We will make this painless and straightforward. Who knew that technology could be such a lifesaver? Let’s take a dive into the world of reliable and high-quality technology that will improve daily life. 

Senior Technology to Keep You Safe and Comfortable At Home

Senior technology is continuously developed to ensure older adults can feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Home safety for seniors can be the difference between life or death. Choosing the correct medical technology to fit your loved one’s life is crucial for meeting their unique needs.

Medical Alert Technology

Medical alert devices save lives every day. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 million older adults fall a year, and one out of five falls results in a severe injury. Here are a few devices worth checking out to minimize impact of falls and other mishaps.

Medical Gaurdian –

A lightweight device that clips to clothing and syncs with a wristband or necklace. They provide advanced location monitoring via LTE, WiFi & GPS.

MobileHelp Wired Home –

MobileHelp’s monitoring system has 24/7 access to urgent response agents thoroughly trained for multiple medical emergencies. This medical device is a landline-based medical alert system with no cellular signal required. You can be up to 600 feet away with your neck pendant and be able to alert your operator with a click of a button.

A simpler monitoring option is the SOS SmartWatch with touch button 2-way communication, an activity tracker, and GPS tracking.

Phoenix Watch is also impressive and designed for those who want a wider array of features,

The Phoenix Watch Phone is a fully-featured, live GPS tracking and voice/text communication device. With the accompanying app, a free iOS/Android download, guardians have access to a slew of great features:

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Geo Fence to Create Safe zones and Danger Zones (virtual fence)
  • Voice & Text Messaging
  • Alexa Assist
  • SmartWatch virtual personal assistant
  • Take Me Home Mapping so the never get lost
  • Two-way Voice Calling

It has a sleek comfortable interface and colorful design. Your loved one will enjoy wearing it just as much as you enjoy the reassurance that you can easily contact, locate, monitor, and protect them, anywhere, anytime.

Notifying Refrigerator Safety Technology

If you are a caretaker, there is no way to know what your loved one has eaten, so developers have produced a camera that can be stored in any refrigerator. This notifying refrigerator safety technology allows you to be aware of when they are eating and when they begin to run out of food.

Fridge Cam

Fridge cam is a wireless refrigerator camera controlled from an easy-to-use app available on Apple IOS and android. Fridge cam recognizes what food items are in the fridge, takes snapshots when the fridge door is opened, and can allow you to track which foods are expired. Never again will you have to worry about if your loved one has eaten today!

Medication Reminders

As we get older, we tend to forget little tasks even if we do them every day. Your loved one failing to take their medication can frighten you, especially when you are not there to remind them. Try using technology that reminds your loved ones to take their medication.

MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser

This simple to use e-pill monitoring system notifies you remotely if your loved one didn’t take their mediation. A built-in alarm reminds seniors living to take their medication. If their medication is not taken in 60 minutes during their scheduled time, you will be notified by phone, email, or text.

Stove Reminders

Everyone benefits from a stove reminder. It is easy to forget that you are cooking, especially elders with early on-set dementia. Stove reminders allow your loved ones to continue doing what they love while staying safe!

Wallflower Smart Plug

The Wallflower Smart Plug will convert any stove into a smart stove. All you do is plug it into the wall and connect the stove in your home. If your stove does not shut off after a long time, you will be notified. You’ll get 24/7 monitoring of your stove from anywhere, allowing your loved ones to continue their passion for cooking.

The Alzstore Automatic Oven Control

This easy to install device offers motion detection and an automatic shut-off for stoves. After 5, 10 or 15 minutes of no movement in the kitchen this system will shut off the stove and turning it back on is as easy as pushing a button.

Mobile Apps for Seniors

If you are looking for digital memory games to improve memory and maintain your tact, here are a few favorite apps. These are easy to use and entertaining. Trust us. These games are fun despite anyone’s age!

Lumosity Mobile

The Lumosity app offers a unique intellectual experience based on each user. This game is available for Apple IOS, Android, and PC. Before you begin, they give you a baseline test to produce the best plan for you. The app provides entertaining games while promoting spatial processing, reasoning, and memory. You are improving your mind while having fun!

Price: $80 / year

Scrabble GO

Who doesn’t like a good game of Scrabble? The Scrabble Go app is available for Apple IOS and Android devices. Scrabble Go is a wonderful tool that can keep you connect with your loved ones while working on your critical thinking, memory, and interactions with others. When you use this app, you can always stop and pick up where you left off later!

Price: Free

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

Getting anyone to exercise can be difficult, but it does not have to be anymore! If you are looking for an exercise app made for seniors, then look no further. Johnson & Johnson official 7-minute Workout is available on Apple IOS or Android devices. These workouts are short and easy, allowing people at any fitness level to get their bodies moving!

Price: Free


MindMate is available on Apple IOS, Android, and PC. MindMate is all about keeping the mind and body healthy. This app has digital memory games that can help improve cognitive capacity, problem-solving, speed, and attention.

Price: Free

Final Thoughts

Senior home technology can improve the lives of older adults. Even though we love our older family members and friends, we cannot be there every second of the day. If you or your loved one needs more comfort, safety and entertainment in life, take a look at the latest devices. There is something for everyone.

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